At IXS Coatings, a company comprised of the two best manufacturers of polyurea protective coatings — LINE-X and Ultimate Linings — we are dedicated to providing the most durable linings to every industry that can use them.

Recently, Palfinger came to us with an idea for their mechanics truck bodies. They wanted to be able to protect both the inside and the outside of the truck bodies with a thin, extremely strong protective coating that was affordable and provided a great ROI for their customers. LINE-X was the perfect solution.

LINE-X worked with Palfinger to develop and implement an application system that allows Palfinger to coat their truck bodies with LINE-X before they are sent to individual upfitters. By building LINE-X into their manufacturing process, Palfinger has been able to keep lead times short while providing unprecedented levels of customization.

Brian Heffron, Palfinger’s national sales manager, believes that adding LINE-X to their truck bodies “is a testament to our dedication to improving customer return on investment by manufacturing the most durable mechanics truck bodies in the industry.”

For many years, individuals and businesses have relied on LINE-X bed liners and protective coatings to keep their trucks safe from damage. The LINE-X formula is applied in thin layers to form a membrane that is scratch-, shock-, and stain-resistant. When it is applied by Palfinger, the material carries a three-year warranty against flaking, bubbling, and peeling, free of cost.

To learn more about this new option, check out this article, or visit Palfinger directly.

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