At IXS Coatings, we have developed and refined protective coatings for work vehicles that protect against heavy use, environmental factors, and other causes of corrosion or damage. From LINE-X bed liners to coatings for utility bodies and many other surfaces, we can keep your fleet safer and on the road for longer. Don’t let anything stop your company from maximum efficiency and maximum profitability.

IXS Coatings is Ultimate Linings and LINE-X — two of the most well-respected and widespread providers of polyurea and other industrial protective coatings. Together under the IXS banner, we are the world’s largest supplier of polyurea. We want to help your business protect all of your assets that can be damaged by providing solutions that are tailor-made for your needs. Contact us today to find out how our team can build a system that allows you to apply the right coatings as easily as possible.

Bed Liners

One of our companies — LINE-X — is the premier provider of extra-tough bed liners in the United States. We have 500 LINE-X stores across the globe, and each of them employs highly trained professional installers that will accurately install LINE-X bed liners to your entire fleet of trucks.

The LINE-X material has been crafted to stop rust and chemical stains while offering sound-dampening and non-slick properties that are a must for work trucks. LINE-X can make scratches, dents, dings, and scrapes a thing of the past, while helping you get the most life out of each of your trucks.

Utility Bodies

When your trucks have extra equipment or utility bodies, there are many extra surfaces that may need to be protected from the heavy wear of daily use and other hazards. Our industrial protective coatings are applied to the perfect thickness for maximum armor. Whether you want us to install these coatings, or you want us to design and build a system that will allow your company to apply IXS Coatings before your new utility bodies hit the road, we’re ready to help you.

Other Surfaces

From wheel wells to bumpers to the interior of your trucks, IXS Coatings can stop damage in its tracks. There is basically no limit to what our coatings can be applied to, which is great for any business who works in less than perfectly clean conditions. Replace the carpeting in your trucks with IXS Coatings for easy cleaning and reduced damage to the floors themselves. Sick of having your bumpers and doors repainted after they get scratched up? Have us protect them and you won’t have to paint them again. If you use powder coating on your fleet, IXS Coatings can be a great, affordable alternative.

Contact us today to learn more or receive a quote on a single job or for a system that your company can utilize again and again. From the construction industry to oil and gas companies and nearly everything in between, IXS Coatings is ready to help you make the most out of your equipment and vehicles with our innovative products and systems.