During the summer months, construction sites are in full swing. As you go about planning your job sites this summer, it is vital that you take time to focus on safety. With more jobs and more pressure to get things accomplished on a strict schedule, it is easy for safety to fall by the wayside.

Here at IXS Coatings, we are proud to provide industrial coatings that can assist in creating safe job sites. Find out more below about how you can implement the right polyurea coating systems to improve safety on construction sites. If you have further questions about how our coatings can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Check out the following simple ways you can improve safety around your construction sites this summer.

Start With Clear Communication & Training

The first place to begin when creating safe construction sites is to communicate clearly with your team. Safety training is a must for every single person who is working on a job site. While there are many federal and state safety regulations you must meet, such as OSHA requirements, don’t stop there.

Make it a priority in your business to communicate clearly about safety issues. One area that almost any team can improve on is rewarding team members for pointing out issues. Too often, we penalize our employees when they bring something negative to our attention. However, when it comes to safety, the more clearly people communicate about potential hazards or ways to improve, the better.

Be sure that every single person who ever steps foot on the construction site is clear about safety procedures. This will go a long way in ensuring that fewer accidents take place.

Prioritize Safety Over Speed

Summer is an extremely busy season for construction companies. For this reason, it can be easy to start pushing deadlines and trying to ramp up the speed at which your team works. While it is understandable that you want to fit as many jobs as possible in before the cold weather returns, make sure you are being reasonable.

Always prioritize safety over speed on the job site. Never push your team to work in such a way that safety is called into question. Make sure that even if you are putting pressure on teams to complete a job, you always make it clear that safety comes first. Cutting corners in regards to safety procedures is often the result of poor management. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that no one is being asked to do anything unsafe for the sake of a deadline.

Invest In Proper Equipment

Without the proper safety equipment, no one can work effectively. Make sure that your job sites are all equipped with everything needed for a safe work environment. From the actual clothing your construction crew wears to the scaffolding you supply, be sure that everyone has what they need to remain safe.

Once again, having the right crew members managing your job sites is a must. Make sure that management is always on the lookout for those who are skipping protocol. With advances in technology, safety equipment has come a long way. However, it will only do your crew good if they are actually implementing it.

Utilize Industrial Coatings

Did you know? Polyurea industrial coatings can be used throughout construction sites to improve safety. There are a myriad of ways you can implement industrial coatings to help create a better job site, such as the following:

  • Ladder Rungs & Stairs: If your construction crew is climbing ladders or stairs — which they undoubtedly are — make sure these surfaces are slip resistant. A great way to ensure that they are just that is to coat them with IXS Coatings. These industrial coatings will create a surface area that is easier to grip and less prone to accidents.
  • Flooring: Adding industrial coatings to the flooring of buildings can help improve safety. These coatings will create a wonderful protective layer, which is a benefit to the recipient of your build. Not only that, but they are also resistant to slipping even when wet. This allows your crew to move more quickly around a building, without the risk of falling.
  • Decking & Platforms: If you utilize any sort of decking or platforms, adding an industrial coating to the surface will help keep your construction crew safe. The area will be left with better grip, allowing everyone to work efficiently without slipping.

If you are interested in utilizing industrial coatings on your job site to improve safety, please contact our team at IXS Coatings. We will be happy to help you determine the best way to implement these coatings around your construction site.

Reward Safety Initiatives

Finally, one of the top ways you can quickly improve safety on your construction sites this summer is to reward your crew for taking initiative in regards to safety. For example, reward a team member who comes forward to point out to management a potential hazard. Those who work every day on the job are the best people to provide you with safety tips. These crew members will have the best insight in regards to what is decreasing safety as well.

Make sure you are listening to every single person. It is important that everyone has an equal voice when it comes to safety on the job site.

As summer construction goes into full swing, make sure you are prepared. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how our industrial coatings can help.