When it comes to anything that is exposed to the water, corrosion is a major concern. We have all seen the effects water can have on everything from wood to metal. Over time, corrosion can lead to the complete failure of many common materials. Unfortunately, even vessels that were made for the water a subject to the harmful effects this seemingly innocuous and natural chemical substance delivers.

If you own a boat of any kind, it is worth considering the addition of a polyurea coating to your vessel. The coatings we have designed at IXS Coatings are an ideal solution for any marine application. Due to their superior performance against water and abrasion, they will offer you the protection you need to keep your boat water worthy.

Check out the following reasons why you should invest in IXS Coatings for your boat and reach out any time to learn more about how we can customize a solution for your specific vessel.

Protect The Body From Water Corrosion

If you have ever seen an old and rusty fishing boat — or perhaps been the proud owner of one yourself — then you understand how corrosive water can be to a boat’s body over time. This is particularly true of older boats as the original paint wears off and raw materials are exposed to the water. If you are utilizing your boat on a body of water that also contains salt, corrosion is even more likely to occur in a shorter period of time.

Whether you are already battling rust on your boat or you want to prevent this from ever taking place, a protective coating can be the ideal solution for your needs. A polyurea coating will provide a water-tight seal. This ensures that any material beneath is protected against corrosion.

Unlike metal, our coatings are designed to resist corrosion and can withstand ongoing exposure to an array of chemicals. Coating the entire body of your boat will help seal it against whatever the waters throw its way. This is ideal for new boats and old alike. If your boat already has rust spots or other weaknesses, a coating will seal these areas and provide you with like-new protection. The end result, your boat will not be riddled with holes or other damages that lead to failure on the water.

Give Your Boat A Facelift

Not only does corrosion lead to a weakened vessel, but it also leaves your boat looking less than pristine. While you don’t expect your boat to look brilliantly new forever, you also don’t want it to look more like a shipwrecked craft than seaworthy vessel. Investing in a new paint job is one method for giving your boat a facelift, but the paint often chips quickly or deteriorates rapidly.

Conversely, an industrial coating is a cost-effective method for making your boat look new again. The coating is easily sprayed over the body of your boat, leaving you with an even coating rather than a splotchy paint job. After the coating cures, your boat will appear brand new.

Add Anti-Slip Coatings To Your Boat’s Flooring

One of the many dangers of boating is slipping and falling on slick surfaces. As you get in and out of the water or pull your day’s catch in, water quickly spreads across the flooring of your boat. This makes it extremely slick and dangerous for everyone on board. At worst, a fall means a bruised knee but at worst, it could lead to someone falling overboard or a serious head injury.

The good news is that not only do we offer coatings that will protect the outside of your boat, but we also provide coatings designed for flooring. These polyurea coatings are created with anti-slip technology and will help keep everyone on board safe. Make sure you have solid footing on your boat by adding a floor coating.

Keep Equipment Protected Against The Elements

If you utilize your boat for fishing or other activities that require a lot of equipment, you can utilize coatings to keep everything safe and corrosion at bay. From the toolbox on your boat that you throw your knives into after gutting a fish to the gear you have mounted to your vessel, our spray-on coatings are excellent for keeping everything in pristine condition.

You can add our coatings to these various items quickly and easily. Once the coating has cured, it will lock out water and any other chemicals that your equipment is exposed to. It is also abrasion-resistant, which means you won’t scratch and scrape your equipment as well.

Improve The Long-Term Value Of Your Water Vessel

You might plan on owning your boat for your entire life or you might consider selling it at some point. If you ever do want to put your boat back on the market, investing in an industrial coating will improve its value. As mentioned in the points above, a coating protects and guards against weathering. This leaves you with a boat that is much easier to sell and one that looks younger than it is.

Bonus: Waterfront Homeowners Owners Can Utilize Coatings For Docks

Lastly, if you own a waterfront home, you can also implement IXS Coatings to protect your dock and any structures facing the water. Adding a coating to your dock will keep it from suffering from corrosion and normal weathering. You can also utilize it to make your deck safer, due to the anti-slip nature of our coatings.

Interested in implementing a protective polyurea coating for your boat or other marine equipment? Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help.