No matter the material, all industrial tanks are susceptible to wear and tear issues that can eventually turn into debilitating issues. Not only is the exterior of tanks affected by weather conditions and the environment, but the interior can be damaged due to the cargo or substance being stored inside.
Fortunately, though, there is a solution. Industrial coatings for tanks from IXS Coatings can help support the weaknesses these material have, from inner linings to exterior protective coatings. In this blog, we are going to review some of the essential benefits of these industrial coatings.

Benefits of Industrial Tank Coatings

Chemicals, sludge, humidity, and high temperatures can cause industrials tanks to corrode quicker than expected. However, applying a spray-on coating to these tanks can be very beneficial. Take a look at a few of the main benefits of these coatings.

Protection From Corrosion

Tanks are often subjected to corrosion from the inside out. Natural elements such as wind, temperature, and humidity can react with the tank surface, causing the eventual breakdown of its surface property. This chemical reaction causes metal material to degrade over time, affecting its appearance and compromising the tank’s structural integrity. The likelihood of damage due to corrosion is, therefore, one of the vital reasons why it is very important to apply tank coatings for ultimate protection. Polyurea spray coatings can help ensure protection from exposure to harmful elements.

Resistant To Chemicals

If the tanks you are using have chemicals stored inside, the chemical properties could potentially be causing the lining of the tank to erode. Applying a protective coating that fits both the purpose and the type of the tank can significantly help prevent serious and costly damages from taking place.

Helps Prevent Leaks

When the substances inside a tank are not properly contained they are at a risk of a messy and hazardous result. Protective coatings create a waterproof, UV-stable barrier that tightly conforms to the material —permanently creating a seal that is leak resistant, both inside and out. By easily handling leaks, industrial coatings can create a safe work environment.


With the right industrial tank coating, it is likely that you will be dealing with less maintenance and repair costs down the road. Because our spray-on polyurea coatings create a long-lasting seal around just about any type of material, you can ensure that this is a cost-effective solution to maintaining your tanks and increasing their lifespan.

Crack Bridging for Concrete Tanks

Concrete tanks are susceptible to cracking over time, leading to the need of a costly replacement. However, with spray-on polyurea coatings, cracks can easily and quickly be repaired and delay the need of an entire replacement.

Whether you are installing new tanks or your existing ones are in need of maintenance, don’t wait until the issue becomes more serious and costly. Each of the benefits listed above makes tank coatings an excellent solution to keep your systems and equipment in good condition, while promoting a safe work environment for employees. If you are looking for a durable tank coating application, you can trust the professionals at IXS Coatings. For more information, contact us today!