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LINE-X®, an IXS Coatings Company and global leader in durable, field-proven polyurea coatings for defense applications, provides military specific coatings that are DOD CARC Commodity Office approved for MIL-PRF-32440 compliant applications.

PAXCON® by LINE-X offers high-performance, blast and spall-resistant coatings suitable for a wide variety of applications. Our military specific products provide added durability, strength, and protection to military vehicles, equipment, and personnel. Talk to the experts at LINE-X Protective Coatings and IXS Coatings — and find the optimal protective solution for your military applications.


LINE-X XS-100 is approved from the DOD CARC Commodity Office at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in accordance with Military Performance Specification 32440 (MIL-PRF-32440). Their rigorous testing and evaluation process has confirmed that LINE-X XS-100 has the physical characteristics required to resist chip, impact, wear, and abrasion throughout the lifecycle of the application.

XS-100 is now officially approved for use on all applications that specify a MIL-PRF-32440 compliant high build polyurea barrier coating. This qualification approves the use of XS-100 by all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense and comes after more than two decades of proven performance on commercial and military applications.

Specifically, the U.S. Marine Corps relies upon protection provided by XS-100 on the torsion bars of its Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV). The 7-foot, 130-pound torsion bars are mounted underneath the tracked vehicle and are a critical component to the suspension system that must endure harsh conditions as it travels in the ocean and over rough terrain beach landings.  

Recently, LINE-X XS-100 was selected by Growler Manufacturing and Engineering as the exterior coating for its Mobile Tactical Welding Shop (MTWS), a robust trailer with multiple welding capabilities designed to be used in forward operating positions. The coating has also been used on other tactical vehicles, ground support equipment, air/watercraft components and weapon systems, illustrating trust and confidence in XS-100 in even the harshest of combat conditions. 

“It is reassuring to know that one of our most effective protective coatings, XS-100, is verified and validated for meeting the requirements for MIL-PRF-32440 by the Department of the Army,” said Steve Decker, vice president of business development. “Achieving approval is a milestone for our company and testament to the strength and durability of a coating that has been trusted for over 25 years.”

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From scorching deserts to blistering tundras, armored military vehicles are sent into combat in some of the most extreme environments in the world. PAXCON protective coatings safeguard armored vehicles — and their dedicated passengers — from the demanding daily requirements of military use.

Specially engineered by LINE-X Protective Coatings, PAXCON’s spray-on application provides high-performing, blast-mitigating protection for everything from Humvees to launch trailers. Our advanced chemical formula decreases cabin temperature, reduces corrosion and abrasion, and creates a slip-proof grip that allows military personnel to board and exit safely. Together, we’ll find the customized coating solution to protect your armored vehicles.


Protect the most valuable military assets from devastating destruction at the hands of bullets, mortars, rockets, bombs, and other ballistics with spray-on PAXCON by LINE-X Protective Coatings. PAXCON is specially engineered to reduce the effects of ballistic attacks—absorbing shrapnel and providing unparalleled protection for military equipment, buildings, and personnel.

During a ballistic attack, most severe injuries occur and a significant amount of lives are lost due to ballistic fragmentation or spalling. PAXCON mitigates this problem by encapsulating the fragments, which will remain trapped in the PAXCON material, posing no secondary damage. PAXCON can be sprayed over virtually any surface hard enough to cause a projectile spalling, such as aluminum, ceramic, or steel.

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PAXCON® by LINE-X is another application in our extensive security and defense product portfolio. PAXCON is a high-performance, Energy Resistant Coating (ERC) that has been used for nearly 20 years in many different defense applications.

PAXCON has been applied to several high-profile Defense Department buildings, including the US Pentagon in 2002, to protect personnel from the fragmentation effects that result in a bomb blast. Blast testing shows PAXCON is able to contain concrete fragmentation and debris which may cause serious injury during a blast event. The blast-mitigation coating is also used on ballistic armor to keep bullet fragments from spalling and causing secondary injuries.

PAXCON is a high-performance, blast and spall-resistant coating suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is utilized by government and military contractors, as well as private security firms to safeguard assets.

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PAXCON by LINE-X offers a revolutionary development in blast mitigation. Known in military and research circles as an Energy Resistant Coating (ERC), the PAXCON coating is incredibly strong yet flexible enough to bend with the substrate. This means that walls outfitted with PAXCON material can withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than a normal, uncoated wall. In the event of an explosion, the PAXCON-coated walls flex, but stay together.

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Armored vests protect the heart and soul of those dedicated men and women serving our country. Provide them with an extra layer of defense against bullets, shrapnel, and other ballistics with PAXCON polyurea protective coatings from LINE-X. PAXCON is specially engineered to mitigate the devastating effects of ballistic fragmentation by trapping spalling fragments and prevent further destruction.

With our advanced spray-on application technology, PAXCON can easily be applied to an armored vest’s ballistic plates. And since PAXCON cures quickly, those vests will be back in service quickly. Let’s work together to keep our servicemen and women safe. Reach out to LINE-X Protective Coatings and IXS Coatings today.