The men and women of the armed forces have answered the call to protect our country. IXS Coatings helps them stay safe with field-tested, industry-leading protective coating solutions. Military specific products, including PAXCON® by LINE-X, provide added durability, strength, and protection to military vehicles, equipment and personnel.

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium (DATC) trust PAXCON to provide unsurpassed reinforcement and protection for armoured vehicles and vests, critical buildings, ballistic plates, and more. Talk to the experts at LINE-X and IXS Coatings—and find the optimal protective solution for your military applications.


From scorching deserts to blistering tundras, armored military vehicles are sent into combat in some of the most extreme environments in the world. PAXCON protective coatings safeguard armoured vehicles—and their dedicated passengers—from the damaging effects of war. Specially engineered by LINE-X, PAXCON’s spray-on application provides high-performing, blast-mitigating protection for everything from Humvees to launch trailers. Our advanced chemical formula decreases cabin temperature, reduces corrosion and abrasion, and creates a slip-proof grip that allows military personnel to board and exit safely. Together, let’s find the customized coating solution to protect your armored vehicles.


Protect the most valuable military assets from devastating destruction at the hands of bullets, mortars, rockets, bombs, and other ballistics with spray-on PAXCON by LINE-X. PAXCON is specially engineered to reduce the effects of ballistic attacks—absorbing shrapnel and providing unparalleled protection for military equipment, buildings, and personnel. For tough, absolute protection against ballistic strikes, talk with the experts at LINE-X and IXS Coatings’ today.


Blast fragments and spall from bomb explosions and ballistic attacks lead to more injuries and lives lost. Effectively mitigate the disastrous effects of blast and spall with PAXCON by LINE-X. PAXCON is engineered to trap fragments and spall in the event of an explosion or ballistic strike—greatly reducing the amount of debris that causes so much destruction. With our advanced application technology, PAXCON can be easily sprayed onto virtually any surface—including the walls of your most critical buildings. Walls that have been coated with PAXCON stand strong against explosions 20 times greater than those that haven’t been coated. Our technicians are standing by to find the ideal blast and spall protective solution for you.


Armoured vests protect the heart and soul of those dedicated men and women serving our country. Provide them with an extra layer of defense against bullets, shrapnel, and other ballistics with PAXCON polyurea protective coatings from LINE-X. PAXCON is specially engineered to stand up to the devastating effects of ballistic fragmentation and spall—trapping fragments to prevent further destruction and loss of life. With our advanced spray-on application technology, PAXCON can easily be applied to an armoured vest’s ballistic plates. And since PAXCON cures quickly, those vests will be back in service in no time. Let’s work together to keep our service men and women safe. Reach out to LINE-X and IXS Coatings today.