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In today’s industry, it is important to gain the edge in order to provide better results to your customers and garner more income for your growing business. IXS Coatings understands the value of innovation, and our design team is here to provide OEM robotic systems to help you do more in less time, all while improving the safety and quality of your services. Precise applications can help to reduce waste and build the quality behind your brand. We can help automate your polyurea and polyurethane processes and enable you to focus on other tasks.

How can a robotic polyurea application system from IXS Coatings improve your output?

  • Increase yield and precision with automated OEM spray systems
  • Accurate installation reduces waste and saves money
  • Decrease labor demands on your team
  • Improve quality of product for each project
  • Safety-focused design provides a safe working environment

The value that an in-plant OEM robotic system can serve to your business is immeasurable. Built with the same quality and care as our coatings, our robotic systems stand up to the test of time and will help you achieve the most efficient spraying system in the industry.

Spraying with robotics is more efficient than spraying by hand for a multitude of reasons. With robotics, an even application is almost guaranteed, whereas hand-held application processes leave room for variation. Learning how to spray properly takes time and training costs, and may even result in the job having to be done over again because of inexperienced sprayers. On top of this is the fact that no two people will ever operate the same, even if they are competent sprayers, there’s no guarantee of consistency.

That lack of consistency leaves even more room for variable cost when it comes to materials. If you don’t know how much polyurea spray each sprayer is going to use, then you can’t accurately account for how much material you’re ultimately going to need. With a robotics system from IXS coatings, you’ll get an exact coat that uses the same amount of spray every time. Over time, our system will save you money, but it will immediately save you peace of mind when you see the streamlining effect on your polyurea spray process.

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In-plant robotic integrations can prove to be well worth the investment after the first project alone. IXS Coatings knows how to achieve the right result, and put as much dedication into our robotic systems as our polyurea coatings and polyurethane foams.

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