Oil & Gas Containment

IXS Coatings Offers Ideal Polyurea Coatings

Reduce Upkeep, Minimize Repairs, Increase Longevity

No matter your project needs, the team at IXS Coatings is here to provide lasting support. Our spray-on polyurea coatings and pre-sprayed geotextiles are ideal for keeping a variety of chemicals within their tanks while keeping the surrounding environment safe. You can meet and exceed OSHA and EPA regulations with the help of IXS. Let us know your project, and our team will be happy to get to work!

Benefits of Spray-On Polyurea Tank Coatings

  • Durable, fast-cure polyurea technology for any project
  • High-abrasion tank coating for lasting protection
  • Prevent chemical & weather corrosion
  • Extend the life of your oil & gas tanks