No metal is entirely safe from the threat of corrosion. It is, however, possible to slow, maintain, or stop corrosion before it turns into a huge issue. No matter what industry you work in, there are practical ways to prevent corrosion from causing significant damage. In fact, corrosion control is something that can be implemented into the design processes for certain industries.

Corrosion not only causes products and items to turn an unpleasant color, it also can lead to deterioration. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the dangers of corrosion as well as one of the best ways to prevent it from happening to any metal parts or products in your industry.

What Exactly Is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a chemical reaction that takes place when a metal reacts with an oxidizing agent in its environment. Corrosion can cause metal material to degrade over time, blemishing its appearance and compromising the material’s structural integrity. If left unnoticed or ignored, corrosion can spread, causing significant damage. Each type of metal has varying electrochemical properties, which determine the types of corrosion the part is vulnerable to. For instance, copper roofing is susceptible to damage under harsh weather conditions, while iron tools are prone to rusting after long-term exposure to water or moisture. While it is true that certain metals withstand corrosion better than others, no metal is resistant to the chemical reaction.

Preventing Corrosion With Industrial Coatings From IXS

Since there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for preventing corrosion of metal items and parts, industry manufacturers must utilize various methods to prevent and control corrosion in different metals. One of the best ways to defend against corrosion and deterioration is by applying a protective coating to the material — the high-quality spray-on polyurea protective coatings from IXS Coatings are the perfect solution!

Polyurea is known for its protective properties, creating a shell-like outer coating that forms a strong and durable resistance. Not only do these protective coatings act to safeguard water infiltration, but they also provide a barrier from chemical penetration. Plus, applying an industrial coating will add additional strength to the surface areas.

Safety is one of the biggest reasons to defend against corrosion. In various industries, including the marine, construction, military, transportation, and oil industries, industrial coatings are crucial to protecting the integrity of structures, equipment, and more!

Danger and appearance are not the only concerns when it comes to corrosion. Anti-corrosive coatings can save companies both time and money. Professionally applied coatings can help reduce the need for replacement of expensive products and contribute to efficiency.

Contact IXS Coatings For Industrial Polyurea Spray Coatings

No matter what industry your business is in, corrosion should always be of concern. If you want to better protect your equipment, structures, and other business investments, contact IXS Coatings to learn more about how our polyurea coating systems help fight off this significant threat. Our team of experts are happy to provide you with the coating solutions you need that best fit your application!