Trailers and transport rigs are essential for hauling important cargo, often taken a beating during the process. Brutal weather, hazardous road conditions, toxic chemicals, heavy use, damaging cargo, and other factors can cause your rigs and trailers to wear much faster than anticipated.
A cargo trailer is an expensive investment, and the best way to ensure it will be able to withstand heavy workloads day after day and last for decades to come is to find the best solution to protect it. At IXS Coatings, our industry-leading spray-on polyurea coatings provide long-lasting, skid-resistant protection to cargo doors, sidewalls, deck floors, and more. In this blog, we are going to review a few reasons why you should consider an industrial coating for your trailer.


Your trailer or transport rig is likely to be exposed to water at one point or another. When trailers come into contact with water it can potentially lead to some costly damages. Not only will water exposure cause rust and corrosion, but it can also lead to serious structural damage to the trailer too.

At IXS Coatings, our cost-effective coating systems create a waterproof, UV-stable barrier that can tightly conform to trailers and transport rigs—permanently sealing corners and cracks against leaks, both indoors and out. With a professional applied coating, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or water damage taking place.


Hauling around certain items or material can cause damage to the interior of a trailer. When the inside of a trailer becomes scratched or scraped, it can be susceptible to rusting, which can cause significant damage down the road if not addressed properly.

Industrial coatings for IXS Coatings help add a tough layer of protection to protect the interior of your trailer or transport rigs from common damages such as scratches and dents. Our superior polyurethane coating creates a heavy-duty, scratch-resistant seal that protects extreme impact, abrasion, and daily damages.


Depending on the industry, your trailer or transport rig could be exposed to hazardous chemicals such as oil or gasoline. These chemicals can seriously damage your trailer and shorten its lifespan. These toxic liquids can make trailers vulnerable to corrosion, abrasion, and other damages.

IXS Coatings offers spray-on polyurea coating solutions that help trailers become stronger and last longer. Our spray-on coatings are proven to extend the service life of trailers and transport rigs — providing an unyielding barrier against chemicals, harmful gases, and much more.


Cleaning trailers is a bothersome and time-consuming task, and depending on what you use your trailer for, you could be facing some messy work. However, with industrial polyurea coatings, cleaning is a breeze. Not only are our coatings waterproof, but they also are resistant to dirt, making it easy to keep your rig clean and protected.

If you have a transport rig or trailer and want to give it the best protection, you cannot go wrong with a trailer coating from IXS Coatings! Our industrial coating application is quick and customizable. To learn more about our industrial coating solutions, contact us!

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