Polyurea Coatings for Parking Lots

Polyurea Coatings for Parking Lots

When it comes to the parking lots of commercial businesses, you can’t go wrong with polyurea coatings to protect the life-span of concrete or asphalt. With the constant wear on parking structures, you should always keep the stability of the structure in mind, especially with multi-level parking decks and commercial spaces. Without the right protection, the businesses that own the parking structure or lot may be subject to consistent and constant repairs, full replacements, and lawsuits should someone injure themselves or damage their vehicle.

Polyurea coatings can help protect parking lots from the start, thus protecting the reputations of the construction companies who build them. With all the protection that polyurea coatings from IXS can offer, versus all the risks that businesses take without it, there’s no good reason not to protect parking lot structures with polyurea. Cutting costs by skipping parking lot sealing will cost you in the long run!

Threats to Concrete and Asphalt Parking Lot Structures

Parking lots are under constant attack due to the fact that they hold tons of weight every day. Not to mention, they’re treated pretty harshly. Winds and weather whip parking structures every day, slowly wearing away at the surface. Additionally, chemicals are carelessly dropped onto the surface of parking lots from damaged vehicles. Here are some of the top threats to concrete or asphalt parking structures that make sealing a critical and cost-effective choice:

  • Age — Like most things, concrete and asphalt break down over time. However, sealing your parking lot can be critical to its long term viability. Staying up to date with coatings is vital for the survival of asphalt, as it’s more vulnerable to cracking and decay than concrete. That being said, with polyurea coatings from IXS, you can help ensure less frequent maintenance than would normally be required to keep an asphalt parking lot intact. With concrete, polyurea coatings last longer than most others, so with the proper, initial application, a business may never have to seal their concrete again.
  • Temperature — The temperature can greatly affect the viability of a concrete or asphalt parking lot. Asphalt parking lots are more common in the north because of their ability to expand and contract with freezing temperatures, whereas concrete is subject to cracking should moisture and cold penetrate the surface. Concrete is preferred in the south, where asphalt could melt. In the north, polyurea coatings will expand with the asphalt to provide protection year-round, and in the south UV rays will be reflected off the surface of concrete.
  • Weather — Weather can wear away your parking structure over time. Any type of extreme weather has a huge effect on your parking structure, whether it be from chipping away at the surface or from water seeping in to weaken it.
  • Chemicals — A laundry list of chemicals can come in contact with a parking structure, most of which are corrosive. Gas, coolant, cleaners, and even road salt can threaten your parking structure, whether it’s concrete or asphalt.

How Polyurea Coatings Protect Concrete

With polyurea protective coatings as a sealant for parking structures, you can be sure that you’re protected from a wide range of factors, including abrasions, UV rays, water, and chemicals. With the coatings offered by IXS, your clients’ parking structures will be protected for years to come.

Why Parking Lot Maintenance Matters

Protecting something that’s mostly there for us to walk and drive all over seems a little strange, but there are plenty of good reasons to make sure that a parking lot is well protected with sealants from IXS from the start. Here are just a few:

  • Protecting the Parking Lot From Damage — Aside from making businesses look unsightly, the main drawback of an unkept parking lot is the constant repair costs. Without proper sealing, your customers’ parking lots could be the subject of repeated repairs and cost thousands more over their lifespan than they should.
  • Protecting Customers and Pedestrians — Parking lots are often seen as a sign of how much a business cares about its customers because parking lots can be dangerous! A parking lot in need of repairs can cause injury or damage to those walking or driving on it. Sealing them so they don’t become cracked and warped is critical.
  • Protecting A Business and Its Assets — As alluded to in our previous point, unsealed and damaged parking lots can be dangerous to customers and their vehicles. That danger gets passed onto the business owner with potential lawsuits and other ramifications. Maintaining a parking lot with polyurea protective coatings is like another layer of insurance for your property.

Ensure the Best Parking Lots With Sealants From IXS Coatings

In order to get the best results for your customer and the long-term reputation of your business, polyurea coatings from IXS are the best option to ensure the stability of your concrete or asphalt parking lot. With many different types of protection all rolled into one sealant, you can help make sure your customers have a safe and viable parking lot for years to come. Get started today towards being the best parking lot installation company in your area by adding IXS Coatings polyurea sealants to your construction process.