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When you think of polyurea coatings, you likely imagine a spray-in bedliner protecting the back of a truck. This is one small example of the many functions made possible by polyurea technology. IXS Coatings is here to serve as your partner in creating sustainably cost-effective protection to address all of your industry-specific needs. We are proud to offer the combined technologies of LINE-X Protecting Coatings and Ultimate Linings, your top resources for lasting protection and value.

If you’re looking for lasting solutions to get more done and provide better results for your clients, we’re ready to get started. Learn more about the industries we serve, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

Automotive Applications

When it comes to Original Equipment Manufacturers and after-market stores (such as our LINE-X franchise), IXS Coatings offers the best solutions. Our professionals can provide outfitting options for dealerships, aftermarket shops, and more, relying on our robotic systems to provide ASTM-certified protection. You can introduce a Graco spray pump into your arsenal to deliver fast, effective, and professional results to customers in need.

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Construction Coverage

When it comes to construction applications, our polyurea coatings and foams deliver sound results and lasting quality. Ultimate Linings and LINE-X Protective Coatings have achieved success across many construction applications, including coatings for parking lots, decks, roofing systems, and flooring. Our team can also help you achieve waterproofing for various membranes, including damaged foundations. Companies have also relied on our concrete lifting foam to restore shifting and sinking concrete back to its original level. Stability, non-reactivity, and minimal weight ensures that your projects are geared for success.

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Emergency & First Responders

Our polyurea applications can prove indispensable for those who need reliable protection the most. IXS Coatings can assist in outfitting your fire engine, ambulance, police cruiser, or SWAT vehicle for complete peace of mind on the road. Whether you’re hoping to minimize the maintenance involved with keeping your vehicle clean or you require impact and fire resistance for safety, we can personalize our spray-on coatings to meet every need for first responders.

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Mobile Rigs

If you plan on applying your polyurea protection yourself, either for your own projects or as a service to other businesses, it pays to reach out to professionals with the expertise and equipment to provide lasting versatility and profitability. IXS Coatings can help build your mobile rig, customizing each element to ensure that your box truck, tag-along trailer, or gooseneck trailer is ready for years of quality use. We’ll customize your rig and spray systems to work well with our polyurea coatings and polyurethane foams.

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Marine Applications

The waterproofing benefits associated with our polyurea sprays are ideal for surfaces frequently exposed to moisture, as well as protection from UV rays, sand, salt, and more. Our protective coatings may be the perfect addition to your services, providing recreational watercraft with industry-leading protection. You can also apply these coatings to marinas and wharves for added surface protection.

We can also design solutions for flotation divides, utilizing our Coast Guard-approved foam to help keep boats, floats, and buoys in service for a long time. Contact us today to learn more!

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Military & Defense

When it comes to military applications, IXS Coatings delivers approved materials for use. The Department of Defense has approved LINE-X XS-100 for use on all applications requiring a high-build polyurea barrier coating. Vehicles of all types can benefit from protection against the elements, corrosion, accidents, and ballistic impacts. Our LINE-X PAXCON series is also approved for military use in applications such as body armor, building protection, and more.

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Oil & Gas Industries

Protecting oil and gas tanks, pipes, and necessary equipment can help to provide serious benefits for your structural needs. IXS Coatings offers cost-effective protection for a range of industry applications, improving both safety and protection from corrosion. You can create a robust design to keep your containment safe from leaks, preventing environmental concerns in the process. Our spray-on coatings can also be used to rapidly contain chemical leaks or spills.

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Containment Systems

In addition to oil and gas applications, IXS Coatings provides coatings for primary and secondary containment tanks. Your services can help you stop leaks and extend the longevity of your storage systems. We can also deploy pre-sprayed geotextile fabrics for subgrade protection from leaks and spills. Our polyurea geotextiles are guaranteed to provide the highest level of protection, reducing your labor, repair, and upkeep needs over the life of your equipment.

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Pipe Coatings

Polyurea solutions can be applied to your pipes, delivering potable protection as well as lasting peace of mind. Corrosion, degradation, and breaks are inevitable, but IXS Coatings can help you with the right products for the job. Keep the harsh effects of chemicals, gases, and noxious elements at bay to stretch the life of your pipelines. 

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Infrastructure & Municipal

When it comes to reducing maintenance costs and repair demands, many entities turn to polyurea coatings for success. The right application can enable our protective coatings to deliver critical protection for municipal water lines, pipelines, steel building projects, heavy equipment, and more. Regardless of your equipment or infrastructure needs, IXS can help to improve performance and longevity and work to collaborate on sustainable results.

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Trailers & Transport Services

From small-scale tank trailers to low-boys for the heaviest hauls, our polyurea solutions can achieve advantageous results through the hardest wear and tear. IXS Coatings can help protect your trailers and transport equipment for the miles, seasons, and experiences to come. We are a proud member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) and the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA), providing our support where possible to get more out of your investment.

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Utility Trucks & Fleets

Work trucks are tasked with doing more than most vehicles, requiring solutions to meet the demands of heavy use and abuse. Your vehicle or fleet can benefit from the peace of mind offered by Ultimate Linings and LINE-X, combining resources to engineer the right solutions for your job-specific needs. Let us know what your vehicles are lacking in terms of protection, and we’ll work to create a lasting solution.

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Get Started Today

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your equipment needs, our polyurea applications and polyurethane foams are available to generate lasting success. We strive to generate sustainable results for a variety of professional needs, and we’re always ready to adapt to new needs to create the right results.

If you’re looking to expand your services, protect vital equipment, or expand the lifespan of your vital structures, be sure to contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you about the possibilities!

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