Protect Your Customers’ Work Trucks With High-Quality Polyurea Coatings

Protect Your Customers’ Work Trucks With High-Quality Polyurea Coatings

Are you providing enough for your commercial customers? In your line of work, you’ve likely heard of the unmatched quality of LINE-X sprays. We have surveyed the hard working men and women across this great country to learn what working professionals want for their vehicles, and the results are almost universally the same — ideal protection, lasting durability, and unmatched longevity. When it comes to utility trucks and work fleets, the right protective coating can provide serious benefits!

LINE-X has long been the top name in polyurea coatings and spray-on bed liners for vehicles across the globe, combining with Ultimate Linings to become IXS Coatings. Together, we’re better able to address a wide range of industry-specific demands, tailoring our polyurethane products to meet each customer’s needs.

LINE-X as an Investment for Your Customers’ Fleets

With IXS Coatings, you can make the most of your investment and provide lasting value to each of your customers. When it comes to protective coatings for commercial fleets, it’s easy to see why your customers should invest in the known quality of LINE-X. We are a dedicated member of the Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA), and we’re confident that we can help you achieve the right fit for your business.

LINE-X coatings are a high-quality investment, providing considerable return on your investment. It will fall on you to explain the value of protective fleet coatings as an investment to offset future repair and maintenance costs.

Unmatched Surface Protection

The quality of your work will depend largely on the effectiveness of your protective coating. LINE-X sprays can reinforce the quality behind your work, delivering unmatched resistance to impacts and gouges. This is a vital benefit for fleet vehicles and service trucks facing serious wear and tear. You can deliver the right defense, keeping scratches, scrapes, dings, dents, and more at bay. Whether your clients fix roadside vehicles, install beautiful landscaping, or utilize powerful earth movers, it’s essential to deploy a protective coating to keep their vehicles safe from harm on the job.

LINE-X is rated to be the best, boasting a tensile strength of 6,600 psi and a tear strength of up to 780 psi. These ratings can be useful in explaining how durable our polyurea coatings truly are!

Minimize Repair and Upkeep Costs

The costs of maintaining a fleet of vehicles can quickly add up. One way to effectively minimize the need for continual maintenance and repair costs is to invest in a versatile polyurea coating. LINE-X is rated to provide serious protection, and this defense can help to cut down on the ongoing costs associated with keeping a fleet in running condition. IXS Coatings can formulate a spray-on solution to help you quickly and effectively improve the condition of your customers’ work and utility trucks.

Your customers rely on high-quality finishes to get their work done and minimize any downtime. LINE-X provides lasting results, helping to minimize the need for future repairs. While this means you might be seeing your customers less after outfitting their fleets with a polyurea coating, the reality is that these customers will be much more satisfied with your work.

Generate High-Quality Aesthetics

Customers look to your brand for trusted services, and will often liken the quality of your company to the appearance of their fleet. If they have a truck arrive on a jobsite that is in poor condition, clients will immediately notice. Oftentimes, these customers have seen the inability to care for the company’s vehicles as a direct comparison to how they will be cared for. Your customers put a lot into the appearance of their fleet, and now, you can upgrade the aesthetics with the rugged and professional look of LINE-X products.

Extend the Longevity of Your Vehicles

One interesting consideration for LINE-X coatings is the fact that these spray-on liners often outlive the vehicles they are installed upon! Your team can install high-quality finishes in no time, creating clean results that should last year after year. This is especially important for the rigorous demands placed on fleet and service vehicles.

Long Lasting Protection From Corrosion

One way in which our polyurea coating provides long-term returns on investment is through its seamless protection. LINE-X sprays cure to create a watertight bond, eliminating concerns associated with corrosion and rust. If your shop performs a lot of body work to remove the damaging effects of rust, then it may help to introduce a waterproof coating to generate considerable peace of mind. Keep corrosion at bay and help your fleet customers make the most of their investment with IXS!

Cost-Effective Results and Ongoing Value

One thing that is true of LINE-X coatings is that they add value to vehicles. When it comes to a fleet of work trucks, our polyurea protection delivers serious value. If  you were to compare the upfront costs of LINE-X installations against the ongoing repair and maintenance costs, it would be easy to see why many companies have chosen to add protective coatings for added durability and protection.

Achieve Success With IXS!

IXS Coatings is here to provide the best materials possible when it comes to protective coatings, and our LINE-X sprays are rated to be the very best. If you are ready to incorporate our polyurea coating system into your offered services, then our team can help to implement the most effective system. Whether you are planning on installing a robotic spray application system to streamline operations, or you plan on technician-led installations through a sprayer, we can help address your company’s present and future needs.

Ready to learn more about our polyurea coating systems? Contact us online today!

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