Protect Your Trailers & Transport Equipment With IXS Coatings

Protect Your Trailers & Transport Equipment With IXS Coatings

Regardless of your industry, it is important to invest in protection to keep your trailers and transport equipment safe for the miles to come. Many professionals turn to common paint for assistance, yet this material fails to provide enough protection or aesthetic beauty to truly be worth the effort. You can turn to IXS Coatings and our industry-leading polyurea solutions for lasting peace of mind!

LINE-X Protective Coatings and Ultimate Linings have combined to become IXS Coatings, your premier source for polyurea coatings and polyurethane foams. Polyurea coatings are comprised of two components (often a diisocyanate with a compound holding amine griyos), curing quickly to generate ideal protection from impacts, environmental concerns, and more. While our professionals have improved our formulation to cover a variety of uses, industry experts are often surprised to learn just how effective and advantageous polyurea can be across many mediums.

Today, we’ll highlight the value of our polyurea sprays as they pertain to trailers and transport equipment, which is often overlooked until major repairs are needed.

Versatile Applications

While you may think of polyurea protection as a typical spray-on bedliner, IXS Coatings can deploy our expertise and fast-curing formula to address every component of your trailer. You can opt to protect your bumpers, fenders, shell, flooring, wheel wells, and more with 360 degrees of protection and lasting peace of mind.

Our polyurea sprays can also be tailored to address the type of trailer you plan on transporting. Cargo trailers, for example, may require a different tier of protection as opposed to a gooseneck trailer. Tank carriers, on the other hand, may be tasked with transporting hazardous gases or liquids. Flatbed trailers can benefit from a protective coating to keep the bed itself in prime condition. Regardless of your professional needs, our team can help to provide the right results.

Defend From Scratches and Dents

One thing that is true for trailers is that they withstand a lot of abuse. Snow, sand, incoming rocks from the truck, and more can all wear down the vital protective surface of your steel trailer. IXS Coatings offers the most durable polyurea coatings on the market, ensuring your commercial trailers are protected from dents, dings, scratches, gouges, and more impacts. You can also coat the interior to protect your trailer (and livestock) from subsequent dents and damage. If your team plans on doing a lot of interstate travel or transport to unpaved roads, polyurea protection can prove to be well worth the investment.

Waterproofing and Chemical Protection

Hauling caustic chemicals can put your trailer at risk for stains, corrosion, and more. Frequent exposure to moisture (in addition to surface degradation) can quickly rust the equipment and cause advanced degradation. Chemical spills, excessive water, and animal waste can all take their toll on your trailer. 

Reduce Maintenance Needs

Regardless of your industry-specific cleaning requirements, IXS Coatings can help to reduce the upkeep portion of your routine by minimizing cleaning needs. Animal transport, material hauling, and more can all be improved with a seamless surface. Your trailer will be more hygienic and clean after long hauls (or food truck runs), saving time and maintenance costs.

Better Acoustics

One less-known benefit of using spray-on protection for your transport trailer is the acoustic absorption of the coating. This results in less noise from vibration as well as other items rattling upon the trailer. Professionals tasked with hauling concrete for recycling, transporting scrap materials, and more will benefit from the quieter results.

Improve Aesthetic Outcome

Even if your current trailer is showing signs of its use, polyurea coatings can help to cover minor damage and protect it from future degradation. You can invest in a rugged finish to help protect from future visual concerns such as scratches, dents, or rust. IXS Coatings can address most concerns, including UV damage, chipping, color matching, and more.

Polyurea can also be customized to improve the look of your transport equipment. Add personal touches, your logo, or color upgrades to truly make an impression on customers!

Extend Equipment’s Lifespan

Ultimately, you want to invest in polyurea protection to increase the longevity of your trailer and maximize your ROI. The cumulative benefits of a coating for your trailer result in an overall increase in the equipment’s useful life, as well as its resale value. Experts agree that polyurea protection should always be considered for your trailer and transport equipment.

Team Up With IXS Coatings

No matter the size or scope of your fleet needs, our proven materials and personalized applications can prove to be worth your time. Let IXS Coatings know what your trailers need to maximize on-road performance, and we’ll provide a case as to how we can help you optimize your transport rigs to haul vital cargo.

Ready to see how we can help your equipment go further and save you more? Contact us online for an ideal coating solution!

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