Reasons to Protect Your OEM Parts with Polyurea Coatings

Reasons to Protect Your OEM Parts with Polyurea Coatings

When it comes to the automotive industry, many people are blinded by the external factor. They are blinded by the old saying, “If something looks good (in our case, an automobile), then it is good.” However, what really matters are the component parts that allow your car to run, such as the battery, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and engine heads. When something breaks down or needs replaced on your car, you turn to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts because you know they are reliable, are frequently under warranty, and will fit. However, due to the advancement of the internet, there are now more than ever companies that sell OEM parts that it can be hard to compete. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

IXS Coatings is a leading supplier of polyurea solutions. Our company was formed from a partnership of LINE-X protective coatings and Ultimate Linings United who teamed up to offer a superior product to businesses. Our polyurea coatings have dozens of applications, from coating vehicles and boats to protecting oil rigs and military uses, as well as OEM parts. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons your business should invest in polyurea coatings by IXS Solutions for your OEM parts. Connect with us today!


To Stand Out From the Crowd

Let’s face it, there is extremely tough competition in the automotive parts industry. Not only do you have the still-popular automotive parts stores that are often run by friendly locals who know your name and that is easy to get to when you need a part fast, but now you have a plethora of online automotive parts dealers, including OEM automotive dealers, big chain stores, and auto parts stores, that you are competing against as well.

When you invest in polyurea coatings offered by IXS Coatings for your OEM parts, you will make your automotive parts stand out from the crowd. Instead of just buying a part that usually has a given shelflife, your customers can invest in OEM parts with our polyurea spray coatings that will give them peace of mind that their OEM part purchased from you will outlast the competitions’ same OEM part.

To Offer A Superior Product

There is no doubt about it that when your business invests in IXS Coatings’ polyurea coatings for your OEM parts, you are offering your customer a superior product. Your OEM parts will be better resistant to temperature fluctuations and will be better able to resist heat, which is important in an engine setting. Cars do overheat, but having polyurea coatings for important component parts can ensure your engine doesn’t get too hot or too cold. In addition, your OEM parts will have an extra layer, which will cut down on the wear and tear that all mechanical parts experience when they are moving against other component parts. This contributes to their longevity and will save you money in the long run when your OEM parts last longer than your competitors’.

To Offer Chemical Resistance

You can think of polyurea coatings like you would sweater and jackets; they add an extra layer against any outside elements that would come against it. For OEM parts, when you add in a polyurea coating, you are adding in an extra layer against any harmful substance, including chemicals. Polyurea coatings are resistant to most everyday chemicals, and most that you would find in the automotive industry. Even just adding in protection against the elements can help your OEM parts last longer and not give out.

To Offer Durability and Strength

To continue with our jacket analysis, when you put on a jacket, you are effectively adding a layer of strength against the cold to your skin. You feel warmer, and you are able to withstand the cold temperatures and be outside longer. With polyurea coatings added to OEM parts, they are given an extra layer of strength and durability so they are better able to stand up to whatever is thrown at it. They resist corrosion, scratches, and dents, as well as impacts.

To Add Aesthetics

Let’s face it, most automotive parts are boring. They come in dull packaging, they are metal when you take them out, and they have no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. It’s just not the same effect as opening a present at Christmas. However, picture your OEM part arriving that has been coated with IXS Coatings’ polyurea coating. Now the saying, “If it looks good, then it is good,” is most definitely true. IXS Coatings look amazing and give your OEM parts a sleek look that customers love as well. This is just one more reason to invest in polyurea coatings for your OEM parts.


IXS Coatings brings together over 55 years of experience in one place to bring you the best in protective coatings for your OEM parts. Not only is boasting of having your OEM parts covered with IXS Coatings a selling point to your customers, but it also will benefit your customers immensely once they purchase the parts that when they need more OEM parts, they will turn to you. What is good for customers is good for business.

IXS Coatings offer superb value, protection, and aesthetic appeal that will garner more sales and distinguish your business from the competition for OEM parts. Contact us to get started today!

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