When you are looking for maximum protection for industrial or commercial applications, there is no place better to turn than to our product line by Ultimate Linings (UL). UL manufactures some of the most specialized and advanced polyurea and polyurethane coatings on the market. They have been designing spray-on protective coatings with elastomeric polyurethane and polyurea for nearly 30 years. Specializing in advanced applications, their coatings are the finest around for maximum protection.

So what exactly are polyurea and polyurethane coatings and how can they be used by your business? Check out the following information that breaks down these seemingly complex coatings and provides the common applications of IXS Coatings.


When it comes to choosing the right coating for your needs, there are a variety of options on the market. UL specializes in both polyurea and polyurethane coatings. Understanding the difference between these two coatings means taking a closer look at what they are comprised of and how they are formed. Defined scientifically, polyurethane is “composed of organic units joined by carbamate” whereas polyurea is a “type of elastomer that is derived from the reaction product of an isocyanate component and a synthetic resin blend component through step-growth polymerization.”

While this definition points out the differences between the two, they are actually quite similar. Polyurethane has been around for many years, with polyurea newer to the scene. Both can be utilized as highly elastic, flexible, and durable coatings. They both offer water-tight seals with strong protection against an array of degradation, including the following:

  • Abrasion
  • Corrosion
  • Chemicals
  • Vibration
  • Slipping

In some cases, it is a blend of polyurea and polyurethane that is utilized in creating a coating. Whether you wind up implementing one or both of these, you will be offered the same quality protection and enduring durability.


As stated above, polyurethane has been on the market for a long time. This is largely in part due to the fact that coatings made from this material are extremely varied in their use. Applications span a wide variety of industries and installation of these coatings is simple enough to make them a good fit for almost any scenario.


UL designs coatings that are widely sought out in the automotive industry. These polyurethane and polyurea coatings are implemented into the factory floor, providing protection against an array of deterioration, including reduction of vibration in machinery. Due to the careful engineering that UL provides, these coatings can even be utilized to protect components of robotic systems, making them an ideal fit for the automotive manufacturing industry.


From roof coatings to sealing a foundation, there are an array of uses for polyurethane and polyurea coatings in the construction industry. At IXS Coatings, we offer an array of choices. Not only do we carry UL products, but we also offer LINE-X Protective Coatings, which provide outstanding benefits as well.


Did you know? Polyurethane and polyurea coatings are excellent for improving the longevity of first responders’ vehicles and equipment. From protecting a fire truck’s bumper from road wear to ensuring hydraulic fluid does not corrode equipment, these coatings are widely used in the emergency response industry.


Water is responsible for a vast amount of the corrosion we encounter, which is why the marine industry looks for quality solutions to the constant degradation of equipment, docks, and boats. Polyurethane and polyurea coatings are ideal for this industry where a water-tight seal is a must. These coatings are applied to everything from buoys to boats to structures facing the waterfront.


LINE-X Protective Coatings have designed numerous coatings specifically for military application. These coatings are utilized to provide durable protection, no matter what the rigors of the military bring. For example, PAXCON® is one such product that offers unsurpassed reinforcement and protection for armored vehicles and vests, critical buildings, ballistic plates, and more.


One industry where polyurea coatings are particularly useful is oil and gas. In this industry, battling corrosion is never-ending. From tanks to pipes to equipment on a job site, it is important to protect against abrasion, chemical corrosion, and weather-related corrosion. Polyurea coatings are fast curing, which makes them a great solution for this rigorous industry.


These are just a few of the countless industries that turn to our team for polyurea and polyurethane coating solutions. If you are looking for a flexible coating that can be applied quickly and offers incredible protection, talk to us about how we can help.


At IXS Coatings, we offer not only the very best in coating technology, but we also take the time to cater our solution to your specific needs. If you are interested in implementing polyurea or polyurethane coatings into a commercial or industrial application, we can help. The first step will be speaking with our team about the specifics of your project. From there, we will get to work determining whether or not we have an existing solution that is the right fit or if we need to tailor create one for you. After that, we will provide you with information about the options available to you and we will discuss the actual installation process for the coatings.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about the superior protection of polyurea and polyurethane coatings. We look forward to helping you safeguard your equipment with quality coatings.

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