Want to Add Concrete Lifting Solutions to Your Services? Rely on IXS Coatings

Want to Add Concrete Lifting Solutions to Your Services? Rely on IXS Coatings

Concrete repair companies rely on innovation and adaptation to generate the best, effective results to customers in need of peace of mind. Dealing with sunken concrete along the driveway, porch, or even the foundation can prove to be stressful, which is why your team works to deliver fast and effective solutions. When it comes to lifting settled concrete, many professionals rely on the proven performance of polyurethane foam.

LINE-X Protective Coatings and Ultimate Linings have combined to become IXS Coatings, your premier provider of polyurethane sprays and foams to meet every professional need. We deliver versatile products to achieve the most cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, and have teamed up with the industry’s leading partners to help us stay on the cutting edge of polyurea technology.

Read more to learn about the value behind our expanding polyurethane foams, and be sure to reach out to our team if you’re ready to get started!

Polyurethane Foam is the Right Choice

Polyurethane foam from IXS Coatings is the best choice for your company, as the high-density foam is simply injected underneath the slab, where it expands and lifts until uniformity is achieved. Longer-lasting results and better support help to build your business while also minimizing the risk of liability. Poly foams cure to an inert substance, meaning that our products are as safe as they are effective!

Why do concrete repair companies and homeowners love the results of our foam products? Polyurethane for concrete lifting 

  • Lighter — Heavy loads can provide a temporary solution while polyurethane offers minimal weight to match its strength. Mudjacking relies on heavy native materials, which can weigh upwards of 100 pounds per cubic foot (concrete generally weighing between 120 and 160 pounds). Polyurethane foams are very lightweight, generally weighing in around two pounds per cubic foot. The result is a solution which is less impactful on soil.
  • More stable — This foam spray works better with impacted soils, offering strong support without the reactivity. In many cases, poorly compacted soils, excess contaminants, and fluctuation moisture contents can all result in unstable conditions. Our spray formula restores stability to the ground beneath, delivering a rigid system to prevent future issues.
  • Waterproof — Ongoing erosion can impact your lifted concrete after repairs take place. Polyurethane is hydrophobic, providing consistent performance in wet conditions. Applications to repaired concrete around the structure can provide additional protection from water for the foundation. 
  • Easier to install — Expanding polyurethane foam can evenly lift sinking slabs, taking less time and effort for your team. Our material also features a higher success rate, reducing your need for repump services.
  • Faster cure times — While mudjacking methods can take between one and three days to cure before full use is allowed, poly materials can cure in under 30 minutes. You can deliver better results and less downtime, a win/win for everyone.
  • Cleaner — The injection holes needed for “polyjacking” are fewer in number and smaller in diameter. Your customers will love the smaller impact on their pavement in conjunction with how much they enjoy the final result.
  • Professionally delivered — Our manufacturers are trained and certified to work with polyurethane foams, and we’ll ensure that you receive the instructions and support needed to deliver the best results. Clients who love their concrete repairs will likely boast about the results and give a higher rating, which is often the top factor for homeowners in search of a reputable concrete lifting company.

Do You Offer Mudjacking Services?

While mudjacking has been the normal repair option for settling slabs, this service does have its drawbacks. Relying on a slurry mixture to infiltrate gaps and settlement to deliver support, the natural materials utilized for mudjacking are prone to problems such as future erosion and runoff, as well as settlement due to the added weight of the materials. The process requires the drilling of several entry points, and may end up creating visual marks that your best efforts can’t conceal. Mudjacking has long been the option for lifting settled concrete, but now is the time to make the upgrade and deliver better results to customers in need of assistance.

Versatile Applications

Concrete leveling is often needed in places where home and business owners are likely to notice the problem, which is where your services can step in. IXS Coatings is here to deliver the best solutions to working professionals, and our polyurethane foam is suited for use on:

  • Driveways 
  • Sidewalks
  • Pool decks
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Parking Lots
  • Slabs

Your company can leverage all of these advantages to raise garage floors, restore pool decks, and more in order to deliver lasting customer satisfaction. 

Get Started Today

IXS Coatings understands the true value behind your services, and our team works hard to create a range of polyurethane and polyurea solutions to meet every client’s needs. If you’re interested in adding our polyurethane applications to your services, be sure to contact us online to learn about the convenience and effectiveness of our products. We look forward to speaking with you!

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